Most “functional training” facilities and other gyms like 24-Hour Fitness now carry most of the equipment you will need to follow our program. Many of our athletes and coaches utilize a home or garage gym. If you want to create your own here are the basics that can get you started:

  • Jump Rope
  • Olympic Barbell + weight plates: enough weight for you to do a heavy Deadlift for 1 repetition.
  • Kettlebells and/or Dumbbells: depending on strength most women would ideally have access to pairs of: 8, 12 and 16kg Kettlebells and Men, 16, 20 and 24kg Kettlebells or their respective equivalency in Dumbbells.
  • A Pull Up bar or somewhere to hang Rings, a suspension trainer or similar.
  • A plyometric box or weight bench.
  • Small, Medium and Large Resistance Bands.
  • Somewhere to run or a piece of “cardio” equipment like a Concept 2 Row, Bike or Ski Erg, a non-motorised treadmill, a stationary bike, or an Air Bike like an Assault Bike or Schwinn Air Dyne.
  • Mobility Ball and/or Foam Roller

If you DO NOT have all the equipment or are traveling, not a problem. You can adapt and get very strong and fit with this basic list:

  • Jump Rope
  • Rings or Suspension Trainer
  • Dumbbells or Kettlebells (2 pairs of different weights- medium to heavy)
  • Small, Medium and Large Resistance Bands.
  • Mobility Ball and/or Roller

Common Subs

Olympic or Power lifting w/ barbell = 1 arm or double arm KB/DB lifts
Running = Jump Rope (100m = 100 singles/50 DU)
Pull Ups = Ring Rows or Ring Pull Ups
Wall Balls = Thrusters w/ KB/DB
D Ball Throw = Broad Jump
Box Jump = Jumping Air Squats or jump to curb/stair
Box Step Up = Lunges