= Feet or Minutes.

= Inches or Seconds.

% = The percentage of your best time or weight for the prescribed distance/time/exercise. If you do not have a time/distance/weight for what is prescribed refer to Rate of Perceived Exertion. For instance 80% is around a RPE of 8/10.

3030, 4040, 5050 = When used in the Step Up Breath protocol, these numbers indicate seconds. The first number is the inhale, the second and last numbers relate to hold time and the third number is the exhale. A 3030 protocol employs a 3-sec inhale and 3-sec exhale. No holds.

(1010) or (121) = When used in relation to Cadence and Apnea Breath protocols, these numbers refer to ratios based on your CO2 Tolerance Breath Test and indicate inhale, hold and exhale times. For instance, an Apnea 1 (121) for a person with a 40-sec CO2 Tolerance breath test time would correspond with a 4-sec inhale, an 8-sec inhale hold and a 4-sec exhale. These numbers are determined using the Breath Test Calculator.

5×5 = 5 sets of 5 repetitions.

95-135lb = The suggested load range for the movement, 95-135 pounds.

(A1) = The programming cycle and week. “A” denotes the Cycle. “1” refers to the week of that cycle. A1 indicates it is the first week of A Cycle.

AKB Swing = American Kettlebell Swing. Overhead.

AMRAP = As Many Rounds As Possible.

BB = Barbell

Bkstr = Backstroke in swimming.

BPM = Beats per minute.  Either refers to your heart rate or cadence for running. Often measured by how many times you pull on 1 side each minute with a metronome.

BRICK = Training prescribed with 2 sports back to back.  Used for multi-sport athletes.

C2 = Concept 2 Rowing Machine.

C2B Pull-Ups = Chest to Bar Pull Ups. The Chest touches the bar at the top of each repetition.

Cadence = Turnover Rate.

D = Descend.

DB = Dumbbell.

Erg = Refers to either the Concept 2 Rowing machine or the Concept 2 Ski Erg machine.

EMOM = Every Minute on the Minute.

Feet Out = on the Row Erg, place your feet on the foot plates, but don’t strap in.

Freestyle = do whatever you feel like.

FTP = Functional Threshold Power – a test that allows you to understand personal % for your future training.

K2E = Knees to Elbows.

KB = Kettlebell.

LCM = Long Course Meters is a 50-meter long pool, as opposed to SCY (short course yards, or a 25y pool).

LI = Long Interval.

m = Meter.

M = Miles.

ME = Maximum Effort.

NFT = Not For Time. Don’t race the clock. Perform the work at your own pace or continuously for the prescribed time.

On :45 = You have 45 seconds to perform the work. The remainder is rest time. You start each effort on the :45 interval. If it takes you longer than :45 to complete the work, terminate the session. You’re done.

On the Minute = You have 1:00 to complete the work. The remainder is rest time. You start each effort at the 1:00 mark. If it takes you longer than 1:00 to complete the work, terminate the session. You’re done.

Paddle = on the Row Erg, another term for row.

RFT = Rounds for Time.  Complete the work given as fast as possible (w/ good form of course!).

RKB Swing = Russian Kettlebell Swing. Eye height.

RM = Repetition Maximum.

RNFT = Rounds Not For Time. At your own pace. Don’t race the clock.

RPE = Rate of Perceived Exertion. 1 = Very Easy. 10 = Very Hard.

RPM = Revolutions per Minute. This is the Cadence for Cyclists.

Ruck = Depending on context, this refers either to a Rucksack/Backpack or the act of Rucking; walking while wearing a loaded rucksack.

SB = Sandbag

SC = Stroke Count.

SCY = Short Course Yards is a 25y pool as opposed to LCM= Long Course Meters in a 50m pool

SI = Short Intervals.

S/M = Strokes per minute.  Typically referred to as SR in rowing.

Smash – a soft tissue treatment using tools such as balls, kettlebells, barbells or foam rollers to make positive changes to tissues.

SR = Stroke Rate when swimming or rowing.

T2B = Toes to Bar.

Tabata = 8 rounds of 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest, maximal effort.

Tempo = Reduced but consistent pace for time or distance. 100% is all out effort, 90% is a 10% pulled back effort. Range is generally between 85% to 95%.

TGU = Turkish Get Up

TS1 = Test Set #1.

TT = Time Trial. A measurement of maximum work capacity/power output over a set amount of time or distance. The time trial is often called the race of truth. It is done alone and should be re-tested under similar conditions and the same distance/time.

UB = Unbroken repetitions

UYFA = Until your form falls apart.  Practice in feeling and only reinforcing good repetitions.

Vert Kick = Vertical Kick drill in the water.

y = Yards.