Coaches Notes // 210104-210110:

Welcome to Week 1 Everyone!  I hope you all are as excited as I am about getting started.  I want to highlight a few key points this week that will be valuable in terms of how you should approach this week.



One of the things that will be apparent from day 1 is that we will be leaning into intensity on a weekly basis.  What I mean by that is, there will be days that challenge you in a very specific manner.  It is my belief that from time to time we need to dose ourselves with tasks or workouts that are hard.  Period.  Inside of that (if you are able to remain objective and open minded) you will find that your internal conversation becomes increasingly noticeable – almost deafening at times.  When that happens, your responsibility as an athlete is to take control of that – lean into the principles we discuss (breathing techniques, self talk, etc) and navigate that moment in a productive manner.  To take a note from Emily Hightower, we can not expand our window of tolerance inside a moment of comfort.  I encourage you to be courageous and welcome these moments.  



As your coach I take very seriously the fact that you trust me to write your programming.  With that, the only thing that I ask in return is that we work together and you take ownership over your health and well being.  It has become apparent to us at SH//FT that the trend of minimalist, at home training will be a mainstay for the foreseeable future (and we believe that’s great!).  However, in order to serve you best we are asking that you purchase a kettlebell or dumbbell for your training.  Starting February 1st, will begin incorporating a single KB or DB into the format.  We are excited about this next evolution and know it will be hugely beneficial in your progress!



As stated in my intro video and weekly coaching video, we will be completing a two week primer cycle before jumping into two consecutive three week cycles. Each week will have 3 strength training sessions, two  focused aerobic sessions, a recovery session, and a complete rest day.


The strength sessions this week will start to introduce more dynamic and tempo based movements that mirror the principles behind the SH//FT GHP format.  The AT-HOME track is designed to keep you moving in a way that allows you to stay connected to the community as well as accomplished each day.  My only request is that you be mindful of certain nuances as it relates to each specific day, as the small details I will include are really the basis of the programming!


In terms of daily commitment, the duration for each day should be somewhere between 45 to 70 minutes in length (including the warm-up).  Focus on moving consistently and taking no longer than about 2 minutes between each set for the strength work.  The aerobic and recovery days will most likely be a bit shorter.  If you find yourself with a bit of a schedule crunch, you may adjust the format of the week if need be.  I would recommend not making a habit of this, but do know that the structure of the week can be flexible if need be.  


Lastly, I want to heavily encourage that you all learn into recording your workouts in a journal and sharing the results with the community.  Doing this will not only provide you with valuable data for the future, it will also give you the opportunity to see how your fellow SH//FT community members are doing as well!  Remember, doing things that are challenging are always better with a group.  Be willing to say hello first and let others know how you’re doing!



As I said in my video, the most important thing to keep in mind (currently) is consistency and transparency.  Show up and complete the work consistently and be transparent with how you are feeling.  Doing that will open up endless possibilities for you later on!


Looking forward to the week ahead.  Talk soon!



Danny Yeager


Danny Yeager Art of Breath Coach

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Danny Yeager Art of Breath Coach

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