SH//FT Perspective is our bi-monthly resource for bringing you the best in content and education in the world for understanding how to better adapt to stress and improve your health and performance.

Our goal is to curate the best thinking and information available to help you achieve your goals and live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Episode 39

In this very special episode, we have guests, Dr. Duncan French and Dr. Roman Fomin.  Duncan is the Vice President of the UFC Performance Institute and Roman the Director of Sports Science. We cover the…


Episode 38

On this episode we have the opportunity to speak with Dan Pfaff.  Dan is one of the most sought after thinkers in the performance industry with over 50 years of experience coaching and teaching.   We…


Episode 37

We kick this episode off with Secrets of the Samurai! We discuss the Japanese concept of haragei, the sum potential of all energy, and its pragmatic applications in modern life.  We also jump into the…


Episode 36

Brian and I actually talk breath!  On this episode we pull some sections straight from our breathing Bible – Breathing Pattern Disorders by Leon Chaitow. First we talk the overall importance of breath control for…


Episode 35

This special episode of SH//FT Perspective is with guest Robert Fortune.  Robert is the curator extraordinaire for the Human Health and Performance Foundation.  Robert is a wealth of insight and experience around all things breathing,…


Episode 34

In this episode we pull back the covers and go deep on culture and evil.  Starting off with a discussion around the dystopian classic, 1984 all the way to Stalinist Russia and the brutality of…