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Episode 36

Brian and I actually talk breath!  On this episode we pull some sections straight from our breathing Bible – Breathing Pattern Disorders by Leon Chaitow. First we talk the overall importance of breath control for…


Episode 35

This special episode of SH//FT Perspective is with guest Robert Fortune.  Robert is the curator extraordinaire for the Human Health and Performance Foundation.  Robert is a wealth of insight and experience around all things breathing,…


Episode 34

In this episode we pull back the covers and go deep on culture and evil.  Starting off with a discussion around the dystopian classic, 1984 all the way to Stalinist Russia and the brutality of…


Episode 33

This episode our dear friend from the Emerald Isle, Fergus Connolly joins us again.  After catching up a bit on Connor McGregor and Bill Cosby we get deep into the Olympics and what is fair…


Episode 32

In Ep. 32 Brian and Rob talk about tuning in and knowing when to taking breaks (even if it is at Dave and Buster’s). We reflect on the Daisy Fresh documentary series and the punk…


Episode 31

Woo! What a chat challenge this one is.  Everything from changes in the media landscape to ultramarathons and the up and downside of discipline. Waxing poetic on tuning into cycles of nature and how that…