SH//FT Perspective is our bi-monthly resource for bringing you the best in content and education in the world for understanding how to better adapt to stress and improve your health and performance.

Our goal is to curate the best thinking and information available to help you achieve your goals and live a happier and more fulfilling life.

SHIFT Webinars: Nasal Breathing Development

In this special episode of the podcast, we bring you the audio release of our Nasal Breathing Development Webinar led by SHIFT, Director of Education, Rob Wilson. Rob delves into why nasal breathing is so…


SHIFT Webinars: Energy System Control #3

In this special episode of the podcast, we bring you the audio release of Webinar 2 of 4 from our Energy System Control Webinar Series. Rob is joined by Shift Educator and Skill of Stress…


SHIFT Webinars: Harnessing the Stress Molecule #2

In this special audio release of part 2 of the 3 part, Harnessing the Stress Molecule Webinar Series we have a chance to hear from Rob and Brian as well as special guests Dr. Justin…


Episode 22 with Kenny Kane

“Change is inevitable, growth is optional.”  This about sums up the overall message from our very first guest on SH//FT Perspective, Kenny Kane. Kenny Kane is the owner of OakPark LA, a stand-up comedian, master…


Episode 21

More sh*tty counting — In Episode 21 (not 20!) Brian talks about being aware of the internal conversation (using my crappy planning as an example) and we talk about future guest selection and dive into…


Episode 20

In episode 20 we discuss thinking in First Principles vs. protocols and psychedelic breathwork seminars.  We explore the miracle of our fleshy super-computer, virtual reality units in the park, and the genius of South Park….