SH//FT Perspective is our bi-monthly resource for bringing you the best in content and education in the world for understanding how to better adapt to stress and improve your health and performance.

Our goal is to curate the best thinking and information available to help you achieve your goals and live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Episode 30

This Episode of SH//FT Perspective has none other than SH//FT’s own Emily Hightower. Founder of Intrinsic Way and Creator of the Skill of Stress online course, Emily and has deep experience in breathwork, trauma, and…


Episode 29

Coming at you live! We recorded episode 29 in San Antonio, TX on the eve of our maiden N=1 Exposure experience. Brian and I actually get to record a conversation live in the same room…


Episode 28

In Episode 28 we cover the dual posts Brian and I put on Instagram regarding proper breath mechanics. We go pretty deep into our stance around the myth of teaching “diaphragmatic breathing” as well as…


Episode 27

Episode 27 starts with some chit-chat on traditional archery and our friend and previous guest Jeff Hairston. We mull over one of our favorite authors E.O. Wilson and some of his work too. Later in…


Episode 26

In episode 26 of SH//FT Perspective, we go deep into training philosophy. BMack and I talk about the mistake of specialization in training and how bouncing back and forth between extremes can result in more…


Mouth Breathing is Bull(dog)$h!t

The characteristically short snout of bully breeds is adored by humans the world over. While this breed trait looks cute it comes with a dark history and health problems that can enlighten our own bad…