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Episode 14

Episode 14 starts off making fun of me for telling long-winded stories (a bit of truth in that). We also get into the awesome work of sports psychologist Jim Loehr and his work around value…


Episode 13

In this episode, we launch right into Nietzche, the pain and power of truth, and what holds us back. From there we cruise right into relationships as a learning experience. We get deep into family…


Episode 12

Booyah!  Episode 12 starts out with a little review of the classic tale of mastery, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, and how it relates to the power of teamwork.  We somehow miraculously segue into crazy naked…


Episode 11

In episode 11, we kick things off with exercise addiction and identity.  Also, discussed are the dichotomy between monks and hard-driving CEOs and problems at both extremes. Brian and I continue on with talking about…


Episode 10

In Episode 10, Brian and I touch on meditation in the mainstream and how we get good at what we practice (both good and bad).  We also dive into the HBO Documentary, “The Weight of…


Episode 9

In Episode 9, we go live on the road with Brian. We get to rapping about crooked halos and what dog fights can teach us about emotional capital. We also dig into the flipside of…