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Episode 8

In Episode 8, we cover how MMA Pay Per View times are precluded by old man bedtimes and somehow segue that into the point of practice versus the cycle of suffering. Our gabfest goes on…


Episode 7

In Episode 7, Brian and I talk about rainbow stripes and camo hoodies and how using Adapt or Die on social media may just lose you some followers. Our chinwagging goes on to include the…


Episode 6

In Episode 6, our tete-a-tete takes some hard turns as we reflect on our first chunk of episodes and how the current market climate can cultivate a culture of entitlement. We also get into the…

Danny Yeager Art of Breath Coach

Coaches Notes // 210125-210131:

Hey Team, Great  job in week 1 of this cycle.  Lots of great feedback and I am super proud of those who embraced the added intensity this week in an effort to explore the limits…


Episode 5

In Episode 5, we have a classic fireside chat. We get to jawing on everything from wrestling dogs to vagabond trucking. In between our nattering we get into some more serious topics like the social…


Episode 4

In Episode 4, BMack is live from a mountain top and I am, sadly, still at sea level.  We get into personal accountability and how not to become an a$$hole.   We also touch on the…