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Episode 19

In Episode 19 I explain to Brian how I got into a passionate discussion over a comment dropped on Nature is Metal over human interference with Nature.  This leads to a deep dive into emotional…


Episode 18

17 again…(?)  We go long in this conversation! We dive right in with the evolutionary purpose of conscious breath control and the true meaning of wealth.  Through some circuitous route, we find ourselves talking about…


Episode 17

In Episode 17 we start off with a review of Coming to America 2 and the youthful magic of Eddie Murphy and the genius of stand-up comedy.  This traverses topics to the dark place of…


Episode 16

Episode 16 features Neanderthals, breath devices, and the difference between evolution and adaptation.  We also get into checking the ego in order to deep dive and learn as well as my lack of measurable compassion,…


Episode 15

Episode 15 starts with a tip of the hat to Brad Pitt for a few of our favorite movies starring the iconic actor. We skip across the pond from there to boredom, pain, and freedom….


Episode 14

Episode 14 starts off making fun of me for telling long-winded stories (a bit of truth in that). We also get into the awesome work of sports psychologist Jim Loehr and his work around value…