GHP TACTICAL – For our men and women in the field

By Darrel Wang and Rob Wilson

In sport, loss means going home empty handed and disappointed. In tactical environments it means mission failure, serious injury, and even death. The stakes are high and because of this fact the goal of Shift TACTICAL is to bring an experienced-based and context-driven approach to the training for those who risk so much.

While in this program we will use time-tested strength and conditioning tools and metrics with which most will be undoubtedly familiar, we aim at a more specific target. For us, the true metric for program success is not your deadlift, it’s not your mile time, it’s not your max pull ups. It’s the job. Are you a better soldier, operator, police officer, firefighter? Are you an asset to your mission, your team, and your community? This is what really counts. When the shit hits the fan and things are really going down nobody cares if you did 12 or 15 pull ups. It only matters if you can do your job.  

This is our goal — to bring intelligent and thoughtful programming that does not take away from your ability to be the best at what you do. To contribute to your understanding of how to be the best you can be, come home safe, and enjoy the rest of your life unbroken by training and work.

Here’s what you can expect from Shift TACTICAL launching on GHP on July 10:

  • Strength and conditioning sessions that are applicable and transferable to real-world scenarios
  • Strongman-type workout sessions to mimic actions and movements performed in the line of duty
  • Integration of fine motor skills training within the program
  • Interval and stamina based training to increase your speed and endurance
  • Movement prep and skill work for efficient run mechanics
  • Pre and post training movement-specific mobility to help mitigate injuries
  • Daily breathing and recovery protocols to support your overall health and performance
  • Each session under 1.5 hours

Shift TACTICAL is a program for fitness sustainment and advancement in the fields of Mil/LEO/Firefighter. Our intention is not to create a program for selection prep, as every selection and every candidate differs in the degree of training and skill development needed in order to be successful through a pipeline. (We do offer individual coaching and programming for candidates looking to prep for a selection under UNSCARED PRO with much success.) Shift TACTICAL is for those who have already completed a training pipeline and are looking to get better at their jobs.

From the overwhelmingly positive response from applicants and participants in our 6-week Shift TACTICAL BETA, we recognize the need for a program such as this for our men and women in the field.  With all of the insight and feedback gathered from a diverse selected group of servicemen and women and our knowledge and experience as movement specialists, coaches and active/veteran Mil/SF/LEO, we are confident that Shift TACTICAL will make you more efficient and effective at your job. If you plan on staying there we plan to keep you there.

Rachael Colacino


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