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Rethinking Trauma: Solutions From the Front Lines Panel

NSCA Approved

When:  Friday, April 2

Time:  0900 PST / 1200EST

Panel: Emily Hightower, Former Deputy Sheriff and SWAT member Pete Deprez, Career FiremanRic Jorge, and Former Army Ranger Pierce Cucchissi

Are you a front line worker or do you work with people who are experiencing chronic stress and trauma?

Chronic stress and trauma exposure have physiological consequences that must be treated for a healthy recovery.

Within this webinar, we will address diagnostic processes that look at the body’s stress response needs that conventional PTSD treatments (or similar) do not cover.

Our expert panel of fire, law enforcement, military, and medicine personnel will help you find solutions to overcome stigma, using science and skill to promote real healing.

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This webinar is CEU approved for 0.2 NSCA CEUs in category A

Danny Yeager Art of Breath Coach

Coaches Notes // 210118-210124:

I hope everybody enjoyed the two-week prep cycle.  By now, you all should have a good feel for the daily training rhythm.  As always check in with me through Facebook or the website if you…


Neuro Nidra to Rescue Sleep

“There’s nothing more important to your performance than sleep, and I don’t care how you measure your performance….nothing breaks you faster than sleep deprivation” – Dr. Parsley, former Navy Seal   Neuro Nidra to Rescue…


Webinar Recording: Neuro Nidra™ I : Self Speak

Neuro Nidra is for everyone. If you do not have this tool in your quiver, you are missing out on the single easiest way we know of for replenishing energy and widening your capacity for handling stress!

The benefits:

  • -replenish reserves of energy for later use
  • -recover lost sleep (20 minutes of Neuro Nidra = 4 hours of sleep!)
  • -breakthrough limiting beliefs or patterns with neuroplasticity
  • -deactivate your stress response; a skill that translates to daily stress-management

Those who lack the ability to disengage the stress response operate in the margins of tolerance and performance. Over time, chronic mismanaged stress can accumulate into health problems like digestive issues, cognitive impairment, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and heart problems to name a few. Nidra is not like meditation or breathwork; it is a guided, passive practice that brings the brain into the theta-alpha dominant state where deep and lasting repairs can be made to every system that needs attention. It trains receptivity and awareness; key tools for showing up in daily life with more presence and artistry.

*This is a webinar recording of a workshop, not a live event.


Symptoms as Signals, Discomfort as Doorway

Disclaimer; certain conditions require medications, talk to a doctor about your options. Symptoms are uncomfortable by nature, designed to make us pay attention. They are signals from an intelligent, self-sensing, self-healing body and learning to…


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