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The Breathing Gear System™ | Brian MacKenzie

Issue #16 The Complexity of Respiratory Muscle Training & The Breathing Gears System™ When we think about respiratory muscles, it is easy to overlook the complexity and nuance that goes into their training. The Breathing…


Off Trail, On Track | Emily Hightower

Issue #3 This time of year I spend a lot of time in the woods hiking with my bow looking for ungulates. It’s a mock connection to a more primal existence that our Western culture…


Emily Hightower

EMILY HIGHTOWER As an Educator and Coach at SH/FT, Emily Hightower leverages her expertise in the neurophysiology of trauma and resilience to help clients master their stress response and improve their quality of life. By…


Episode 30

This Episode of SH//FT Perspective has none other than SH//FT’s own Emily Hightower. Founder of Intrinsic Way and Creator of the Skill of Stress online course, Emily and has deep experience in breathwork, trauma, and…



The N=1 Mentorship OUR APPROACH Do you often feel frustrated and stuck in your patterns? This can often feel like you’re underwater trying to break through a sheet of ice. The N=1 Mentorship is for…


SHIFT Webinars: Energy System Control #3

In this special episode of the podcast, we bring you the audio release of Webinar 2 of 4 from our Energy System Control Webinar Series. Rob is joined by Shift Educator and Skill of Stress…


Education Options

EDUCATION Full Length Accredited Programs (LIVE EVENT options*) Art of Breath &  The Breathing Gears System™  Understand the principles of breath work and how breathing affects our mental state, movement, and physiology. You will gain…



ALL ACCESS gives you the SH//FT training programs and educational content for one low price.

DAILY TRAINING: Our online training program focuses on strength, resilience and recovery.

  • Daily strength and conditioning programming
  • Includes three days of breath focused aerobic training
  • Easily integrates with Breath/Move and our Sustain Program

BREATHE & MOVE will challenge you in new and interesting ways and guide you towards a deeper relationship with your own body.

  • BREATHE practice (5-15 minutes) – formal (seated/lying) breath exercises to improve resilience and relaxation
  • MOVE practice (10-15 minutes) – explore and expose gaps in your movement abilities

HOME is a bodyweight-based minimalist daily training program

LEARNING CENTER is our ever-growing library of educational Webinar recordings currently worth $584: Including Neuro Nidra, Understanding Pain, Breath & the Nervous System and Energy System Control.

BREATH FOUNDATIONS programs worth $215:  Breath Mechanics Program, Nasal Breathing Development Program, Breathing Gear System and Cold/Hot Exposure Guide


Fully Loaded | Emily Hightower

Issue #17   12 times, she explained, exhaling smoke into the wind away from my face. That’s how many relapses with heroine she’d been through. She snuffed out her cigarette in the dirt and put…


Brain Waves and Attention States

Lesson Support Materials for SH//FT HEALTH participants to accompany online course. Brain wave dominance can correlate with different activities. You can observe state, and/or create states by being intentional about where you put your ATTENTION. NOTE: there are many more aspects to your experience than brain wave dominance! Also, there are two hemispheres in your…