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Skill of Stress Online Course

The Skill of Stress online course  This is NOT a stress management course. This is a doorway to learning the nature of physiology for true health. We believe stress is useful and inevitable. The design…


Skill of Stress Online Course

The goal of the Skill of Stress: Online Course is simple;

Provide you with the science and skills needed to understand how to condition your nervous system for healthy patterns of response to stress of any kind.

• The basic neurology of stress so you have an understanding of how stress affects you and what you can do about it.
• How to read your response to a range of stressful situations because awareness is fundamental to executing your skills.
• To disrupt your habitual patterns of reactivity to stressors and read the moment more accurately so that you are reacting to the situation rather than your stories.
• Ways to tune into and trust what your breath, body and brain are telling you because your body whispers before it screams.
• What your stress Window of Tolerance is as knowing this will help you manage your stress load.
• Skills to regulate your stress response to make stress work for you, not against you.
• How to reinforce your new response patterns through the power of neuroplasticity and habit science.

The Skill of Stress Online Course is facilitated by Emily Hightower, a resilience coach who helps high performers that have experienced trauma exposure to become steady, empowered, rested and ready.

Emily did such an amazing job and presented breath work in a manner that was so open and supportive. She taught the material but left areas available to make it yours and make it work for you, offering modifications, different breath rates and techniques. She was extremely attuned to disabilities and ensured that I was comfortable throughout the class.” ~ Rachel

The Skill of Stress Online Course is CEU approved by the NSCA.




RECORDING: How Breath Fits in the Window of Stress Tolerance

Workshop //How Breath fits in the Window of Stress Tolerance

When:  Friday, September 3rd

Time:  0900 PST / 1200EST

Educators: Emily Hightower

You will learn:

  • Specific breath techniques to reduce unwanted stress
  • How your personal “Window of Tolerance” affects stress reactions
  • Three ways to use breathing to regulate your thoughts and feelings by connecting to your body


Stress and Rest

The Culture and Biology Of Stress & Rest

By Charles Oxley and Brian MacKenzie The inability to manage stress is on the rise. It negatively affects everyone: athletes, employees, soldiers, kids etc. Stress will more than likely be the leading cause of death…


The N=1 Group Mentorship

Co-Coached by Brian Mackenzie & Emily Hightower

For a combined 40+ years Brian and Emily have each been pioneering work with human physiology to help people adapt autonomously to stress.

Theirs is not a prescriptive path, but a scientific, experiential process rooted in principles and set in a group setting that empowers you to establish your own path.

In the end, you’ll be able to develop intended adaptations that will open up your life experience and give you more personal power, freedom, and poise through life’s particular uncertainty.

You are not learning a method; you are learning how to create your own.

The N=1 Group Mentorship

– 18 Week Mentorship
– Weekly 75min calls w/ coaches Brian Mackenzie & Emily Hightower
– 12pm Pacific Time, Fridays
– Small group mentorship setting for optimized experience, learning environment & integration
– Weekly In-Depth Info Packet Worksheets
– Weekly N=1 Experiments
– Daily ‘Personal Triangulation’ Document
– Free Personalised Breathwork (Pneuma+)
– Free access to all Shift Online Courses (Art of Breath & Skill of Stress)
– Free access to Shift Training Membership
– 10% Discount to N=1 Exposure Live Events


– Option 1: $1,400 Monthly Installments for 4 months, totaling $5,600 [no canceling]

– Option 2: $5,000 one-off upfront payment


Beyond Trauma Webinar Recording

Beyond Trauma – Reinventing Mental Health is an opportunity to understand the role trauma can play in our behavior and what we can do to transform it from injury into resilience.

This webinar is presented by Emily Hightower and Rob Wilson.

Emily is an educator with over 20 years of experience in the fields of yoga, breathwork, and trauma and embodiment therapies and is the lead educator for the Skill of Stress Online Course. Rob is the co-founder of the Art of Breath Seminars and the Director of Operations for PowerSpeedEndurance.

You’ll discover:
• How the current model of trauma and mental health disempower the healing process
• How to read signals from your body that can help you move towards positive emotion and action
• Practical breath control techniques to reconnect to the power of your body to reduce stress and improve mental health

There is no better time than present history to learn to connect to your emotional health and move towards a more fulfilled and integrated version of you!

**This is a webinar recording, not a live event. The webinar recording is available for download after your purchase is complete.**


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We are currently offering Private Events. To request a Live Art of Breath, Skill of Stress, N = 1 Experience or a custom presentation please email   What’s the difference between our Live Events?…


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