The Evolution of SH//FT

SH//FT was born out of decades of experience in the field of human performance.  While in search of best practices in training and recovery we found that at a fundamental level people are disconnected from the forces of nature that determine the outcomes they desire.  Over the years our approach evolved from focusing on athletic performance alone to the broader process that applies to the evolution of anybody looking to improve their own quality of life; the process of stress and adaptation.  

If we ultimately wish to harness this process it is essential that we become connected to the way we experience stress and whether or not we benefit from our behavior as a result.  At SH//FT our purpose is to help you uncover the tools given to you by Nature and take the reigns of our ability to make stress into our superpower.


“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” -Viktor Frankl


This powerful quote from Viktor Frankl inspired the central piece of our logo.  The // in the SH//FT represents the space between stimulus and response.  The place where we can choose how stress affects us.  Where we can choose how to take part in our own evolution. 

Our progression through CrossFit Endurance, then PowerSpeedEndurance and the Art of Breath has led to the culmination of a lifestyle and a philosophy that transcends sport and performance.

In the realm of human performance cycles of stress and outcome are more obvious and arrive faster.  This presents a unique opportunity to see how a large variety of people and more importantly patterns shift our reactions to the stressors we encounter; planned or not.

Over time our experience has been distilled to bring a unified approach to the optimized human and help you on your journey to be the best you possible.  Underlying the best practices in this realm was the principle of connection.  

At SH//FT our purpose is to help you discover how you connect to your own internal resources and leverage them to enhance performance and live a healthier and happier life.

Rob Wilson


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