Featured Athlete: Jo Was Unfit, Tired, and Stressed

In our latest member feature, meet GHP member Jo from Cumbria, UK.

SH//FT: What obstacle/s were you facing when you decided to join the GHP program?

Jo: I was exhausted after 2.5-yrs self-building our house; it left me strong but unfit, tired and stressed. But I was eager to get back to swim fitness and needing to exercise to help bring stress levels down. I kept trying my old combinations of CrossFit and swimming, but the intensity was wrecking me. I couldn’t get the recovery right, so I kept loading more stress onto a stressed body and pulling muscles while not getting any faster in the pool.

SH//FT: How has GHP helped you overcome that/those obstacle/s?

Jo: Shift Pro gives me a structured routine I can dip into when time allows, both in the pool and focused strength work outside the pool. Most crucially, it has taught me how to recognize when I’m still recovering or when I’m ready for the next WOD through the breath work. My swim times are improving; I can WOD without exhausting myself by using nasal breathing, and I don’t feel wiped out after it all!

SH//FT: What does GHP provide that you value the most?

Jo: Through nasal breathing it gives me a way to understand what my body is telling me about how tired I am and what it can or cannot tolerate – basically whether to rest up, exercise gently or push my limits!

SH//FT: What have been your results or the impact on your life from training with GHP?

Jo: I’ve smashed my 200 and 400m swim times without wrecking myself! I feel healthier, stronger, fitter and more confident about exercising without asking too much of a tired body.

SH//FT: Why did you choose to join Shift over another program/service?

Jo: I used to follow Brian Mackenzie when he did CrossFit Endurance and that really worked for me, so I knew I loved his methods and theories; no other service offered me a structured program of sport-specific exercise aimed at swimming AND a method of learning about recovery like GHP does.

SH//FT: What would you tell others who may be considering joining Shift?

Jo: Get signed up! Especially if you are time short and need something tailored to your sport rather than more general fitness.