Featured Athlete: Florian Finished an Ironman in Under 11 Hours

In our latest member feature, meet GHP member Florian from London.

SH//FT: What obstacle/s were you facing when you decided to join the GHP program?

Florian: I have a limited amount of time to train given my busy work schedule, and few opportunities to go for long runs or rides as I live in central London. I also suffered from knee arthritis when I was younger and still have pretty bad knees compared to an average person, so training in a smart way, avoiding junk volume and getting stronger/more efficient in my movements were key for me! Most importantly, I wanted to take out the brain work of having to plan my own training and have a program with periods of higher/lower intensity and rest to make sure I was getting the best of my hours in the gym without burning out.

SH//FT: How has GHP helped you overcome that/those obstacle/s?

Florian: Shift Pro is super high quality training so that you don’t need to spend hours doing unnecessary volume. The focus on proper technique, good form, functional strength, and then intensity helped me become fitter without having to log in more than 8 hours of training a week and kept me away from injuries. It made my training more straightforward and forced me to take needed rest periods.

SH//FT: What does GHP provide that you value the most?

Florian: A holistic approach to training – Shift has made me much more aware of all the other important aspects outside just pure training when preparing for a race. Breath work, heat/cold exposure, rest days and recovery weeks, nutrition etc. These things all add up over time to help you recover faster, train better, and ultimately race harder!

SH//FT: What have been your results or the impact on your life from training with GHP?

Florian: Just an overview of the things Shift has helped me achieved over the past year…
– 4 ultra distance trails, including two +100kms and one 145km/+10,000m/-10,000m – all finished in the top 25%. I now have enough points to enter the lottery for the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc (the mecca of ultra trail in Europe – fingers crossed I get a spot!)
– 2 Olympic distance triathlons underĀ 2h30
– my first ever full distance Ironman under 11h (top 10% of all finishers)
And again all of that without any major injury, short recovery times even after my ultra trails, and around 8 hours of training a week! I would not have done that without GHP

SH//FT: Why did you choose to join Shift over another program/service?

Florian: I loved the underlying philosophy of quality over quantity, the focus on strength which makes training sessions more fun, and the convenience of the website where I could easily preview my training weeks and plan my workouts.

SH//FT: What would you tell others who may be considering joining Shift?

Florian: Be open-minded if you come from a different training background and are used to more volume and less technique/side work, give a try for a few weeks and just look at the results… they will speak for themselves!