Live #unscared

For years, Unscared has been a word we use to describe our athletes. Our coaching style. Our philosophy. How we approach training. How we approach thinking. How we approach life.

Unscared is the art of dealing with fear. We all have fears in our lives and in training. It’s fear of injury. Fear of heavy weights. Fear of gaining weight or not gaining weight. Fear of eating carbs, the fear of not eating carbs. Fear of short intervals. Fear of distance events. Fear of high intensity.  Fear of not meeting our own expectations. The fear of our own limits as humans, and the fear of not testing those limits.

Unscared is not about being unafraid. There is no such thing, we would literally die crossing the street without fear present. It’s how we manage fear. It’s a mindset of being open and prepared to deal with fear as it comes. It’s a conscious choice to act in spite of the pressures of self-preservation.

At Shift, our goal is to provide you with a practical guide on how to acknowledge those fears, and then how to deal with them. We’ll provide our perspectives and listen to yours. Because in the end you don’t have to suffer to find what you are searching for.

Are you ready to acknowledge your fears and be #UnScared?