Featured Athlete: Linda had Already Run a Marathon

In our latest member feature, meet Linda from Ironton, MO.

SH//FT: What obstacle/s were you facing when you decided to join the SH//FT program?

Linda: Age and a past IT band injury. I think I neglected my strength training out of fear I’d ruin my legs for running.

SH//FT: How has SH//FT helped you overcome that/those obstacle/s?

Linda: Oh my goodness!! The programming made my legs wicked strong!! I liked the variety, though as I told Jason, I HATE interval training. Haha. But there’s no doubt the intervals made me faster.

SH//FT: What does SH//FT provide that you value the most?

Linda: The programming tailored for my particular sport (running). The great communication from the coaches. The science and expertise behind it all. The opportunity for additional consults – for example, I had a fantastic nutrition consult with Lindsay Ford.

SH//FT: What have been your results or the impact on your life from training with SH//FT?

Linda: I went into my second marathon Uninjured and strong. Despite it being 10 degrees hotter than last year, I beat my time by 20 minutes and was strong all the way to the end. AND I felt so much better afterward than the year before!

SH//FT: Why did you choose to join SH//FT over another program/service?

Linda: The range of services, the personal communication, the quality of programming. Also, the demo videos and other additional and valuable content. And who knew about breathing?? Learned so much!

SH//FT: What would you tell others who may be considering joining SH//FT?

Linda: DO IT. You will not be sorry!! And you will surprise yourself!