Daylight Savings | Emily Hightower

Issue #19

We are designed to work with RHYTHMS, not CLOCKS.

The bell rings and school starts, markets open, meetings begin…all an hour earlier than our biological clocks are prepared for during Daylight Savings.

This makes us feel behind the moment we wake up, or an hour late when we go to sleep if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere. This time of year there is an increase in depression, anxiety, insomnia, accidents, and even suicide. Yet we persist with this collective insanity. Why?

After WWII we became addicted to artificial light. Electricity costs money. Countries looking to save on energy costs decided to change the clock to make commercial hours match seasonal sunlight patterns. Biology be damned.

It’s a powerful moment to recognize the inherent laws of physiology. Regardless of Industrial agreements around your schedule, what can you do year-round to adjust your internal rhythms to work with society?

Pay attention. Read and regulate instead of force. Protect your dark hours with less artificial light. Get outside during the dawn and dusk light to renegotiate circadian rhythms. Spend Time (Yourself) in Deep Reset practices like Neuro Nidra, NSDR, or napping! And get moving with breath during the day to create some energy when you need it.