GHP Featured Athlete: Amanda Nefe

When we asked GHP member Amanda Nefe to answer a couple questions, we knew she was busy, but we didn’t realize how busy. Amanda graciously took the time to answer a few questions between juggling her four kids, finishing her GHP Training of the day… and fixing a leak in the ceiling. She is a boss.  

IMG_2850 (1)Shift: When did you start training with Shift?

Amanda: I went to an Endurance Seminar in 2010 with Brian MacKenzie. Man oh man that was the BEST decision I have ever made to this day! Brian forever changed my life after that seminar. Adding in the speed work along with medium-weight high-intensity workouts he and his coaches programs have made me accomplish more than I have ever dreamed I would.

Shift: How did your training and results change?

Amanda: Before 2010 I used to run a consistent 12-minute mile for 5+ miles. My fastest 1-mile time was around 8:30. Three months after starting Brian’s programming I ran 1 mile in 6:36.
A few months after that I did a 10-mile race finishing in 1:30, holding a steady 9-minute mile the whole time.
And then a few months after that I did a 22-mile race and then a 50K. My times were not great on those long distances, since I had never done them before, so I worked on my speed and strength with the programming that Brain made up for all of his followers. That next year I did the 22-mile race again and improved by 2 hours! I did the 50K again and improved by over 1 hour.

Now fast forward to today and two babies later I am able to stay strong for my kids and enjoy my favorite sport, running. Other fitness accomplishments Shift have helped give me AFTER having 2 more kids:

  • 1 RM Front Squat went from 115 to 135.
  • 3 RM Deadlift went from 145 to 185.
  • After years away from the rower, the last 2 1/2 months my 500m pace went from 2:24 to 1:57.
  • I can do 10 pullups with 15lb vest on
  • Body fat went down 7% in 2 1/2 months (thanks to rower and suffering, along with solid diet)

Shift: You are a superwoman! What else has helped contribute to your success?

Amanda: Most important is that I have had to learn to suffer better. Pushing past comfort on anything is hard as hell! I don’t push with weight but I push with running and rowing. I actually rarely lift more than 55 lbs, especially overhead, which is why I cannot believe I am stronger now than 5 years ago. As a mother of four I would never be able to do what I can today if it weren’t for Shift. My local gym was breaking me with their “Lift as heavy as possible all the time” mentality. Big and bulky as a runner does not work for me. It slows me down. Shift is PERFECT for endurance training and practical weighted workouts with the lifelong athlete in mind ALL THE TIME! I have been a follower for 7 years and will be a follower for life! You will not find a better community to be a part of, you just won’t.

Shift: We love you too Amanda 🙂

Rachael Colacino


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