Featured Athlete: Michael L.

It is due time we profiled another one of our badass Team members, so we reached out to Michael L., who is one of our top athletes. Michael came to us right when we launched GHP 2.0 and has been taking advantage of working with all the Shift Coaches to get prepped for selection. 

SH//FT: When did you start training with Shift?

Michael: I started in May of this year. I started late last year training for an Air Force selection test. I had started to plateau and also found I was experiencing physiological stress symptoms when testing my mile times. I’d done research on breath work and hot/cold recovery methods, but had no idea on how to implement and use these methods. I found a series of podcasts from Brian and Rob discussing both, and reached out to learn more. When the Shift Pro opportunity opened up, I jumped on board.

SH//FT: How did your training and results change?

Michael: My main focus has been on my running, specifically a 1.5mile test. Jase has been a mad scientist in programming just what I need. I’ve set personal records repeatedly, including dropping my ¼ mile time to below 1:30. My new mile record is 6:33.

Physiologically, the breath work and the recovery methods have been huge. I’m able to focus on the activity at hand better, and am not experiencing an anxiety dump when I conduct time trial tests. The heat/cold exposure methods have helped me improve my recovery times, and most importantly the quality of my sleep.

SH//FT: What else has helped contribute to your success?

Michael: As I mentioned, Jase has been the mad scientist building and tweaking my program, and I pepper him with questions constantly. I’ve also taken advantage of reaching out to the full team, and had consults with Rob, Lindsay, and Darrel. Darrel was generous enough with his time to have me out his location and conduct a weekend of drills, assessments, and workouts focused on the tactical athlete. I’m stoked to have the Shift team in my corner.

And we are stoked to be in your corner Michael!