Silent Running

By Brian Mackenzie

Ever heard the saying, “Never heard them coming”? While this may apply to many things, most of which being stealth or under the radar, this could not be more applicable to human movement. Running plays one of the most functional roles in movement. Especially for Military or Law Enforcement Personnel whose lives may depend on this fact.

If you show up to any foot race, you will get a greater understanding of this quickly. Those at the front, in any race, will typically be very quiet. At the middle of the pack, things will start to get a bit louder, and at the end, it will be very noisy. Close your eyes, and you will get a better sense of this.

Silent running means running efficient, and running efficient means you’re running well. Even if you’re not the fastest person, there is no need for noise. Even at a 12 min mile or a walking pace, your mechanics dictate your noise, which ironically we see injuries more prevalent in the noisy.

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