The Disruptors – Episode 1: Dr. Kelly Starrett

Join Shift founder Brian Mackenzie in the first episode of The Disruptorsconversations with those disrupting the norm.

Jason Donaldson

Jason Donaldson is a Human Performance Coach who opened the first CrossFit™ affiliate in Western Australia in 2007. Jason has been a team member since 2011 and plays an integral role in SH//FT. As Director of //Performance, Jason oversees all coaching and training programs along with the subscription management. Jason is a lifetime athlete having played many sports, including two decades of Australian Rules Football. He has completed many endurance events such as trail runs, OCRs, cross-country mountain bike races and off-road duathlons.


Understanding the Past Pt. 2

We have become hopelessly dependent on a system that removes us from true autonomy and education. This is not to suggest that advances in medicine and technology do not have their place, they do! Or…


Understanding the Past Pt. 1

Freedom exists in those willing to understand it.    Currently we struggle deeply to witness our history, and tell it through the lens of all those who experienced it. This creates a separation of not…


The Evolution of SH//FT

SH//FT was born out of decades of experience in the field of human performance.  While in search of best practices in training and recovery we found that at a fundamental level people are disconnected from…

Disruptors Episode 2 - Fergus Connolly

The Disruptors – Episode 2: Fergus Connolly

Join Shift founder Brian Mackenzie in the second episode of The Disruptors – conversations with those disrupting the norm.

Brian MacKenzie blog - the information and answer age

The Information and Answer Age

By Brian MacKenzie Shift Founder and Creative Director When I originally got into human performance I was young, very young. I liked going fast at the age of 4, and although it was in a…

Selfie with Fitness Coach

The Training Benefits of Nasal Breathing

By Brian MacKenzie + Rachael Colacino  It’s all in the nose. For all general purposes, we are intended to inhale and exhale through our noses. By design, our mighty noses, with hair, sinuses and mucus,…

Anatomy Physiology and Laws of Health

Decipher Your Own Heart Rate Code

By Dr. Brian Austin-Hickey, Brian MacKenzie, and Rachael Colacino Heart. Beat. Heart. Beat. Ba bum. Ba bum. Lub dub. Lub dub. From the moment we are born to our last moments on this planet, our…